These are the character values that we teach in our curriculum


One obvious character trait of a successful person is endless ambition. People with ambition are usually known as hard workers and are always concerned about getting things done.


The ability to think and the freedom to choose our behavior is what makes us independent and capable of being responsible for our actions.

Hard Work

Being a hard worker is one of the finest qualities we will find in a person. It is what brings success to our lives, our communities and our nation.


Emotions are like gasoline. They can be dangerous and destructive but also extremely powerful when used properly. Emotions can add a lot of value to our lives.


Wounds in the body can often take years of healing, but wounds to the soul can last a lifetime. The point is, we must recognize the power of words.

Common Sense

Common sense is sound logic with practical and good reasoning. When we lack common sense, we make decisions based on emotions rather than logic.


Generosity means to be willing to help others graciously and unselfishly. It is giving of our time, talents and resources to help others.

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