By watering others, you will water yourself.


Generosity means to be willing to help others graciously and unselfishly. It is giving of our time, talents and resources to help others. Many people think generosity is just giving people money or things we do not use anymore, but true generosity is much more. It means we give because of who we are.

If we are only interested in our own needs, we will neglect the needs of others. Giving of ourselves is the highest form of generosity. We should not only serve ourselves, but also those around us.

Generous people look for opportunities to give, and they even derive a sense of satisfaction from the act of giving.


  • What recent opportunities have you had to give to others
    (including time, money, or possessions)?
  • Who represents generosity in your life today?
  • What time, talent, or treasure do you have right now that
    you can give to someone, even if it is a very small amount?

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