A quick response can ruin everything.

Wounds in the body can often take years of healing, but wounds to the soul can last a lifetime. The point is, we must recognize the power of words. Words can bury dreams, demolish self-esteem, and destroy potential. This happens daily in many homes and schools. It is easy to see the faults and bad habits of people, but sometimes we fail to recognize their talents and potential. This discourages people and brings them down. Words can either bring solutions or problems. It is ironic that many would think twice before punching someone but not think twice before speaking out in anger with cruel and insulting words.

  • How do you react when someone hurts you?
  • Have you ever hurt someone because you did not
    practice restraint?
  • Why is it hard to restrain yourself and filter your
    words and actions?
  • What happens when you think before you speak?

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