It is easy to dodge our responsibilities, but we cannot avoid
the consequences for dodging our responsibilities. - Josiah Charles Stamp

The ability to think and the freedom to choose our behavior is what makes us independent and capable of being responsible for our actions. To be responsible individually means that we accept the consequences, good or bad, for our thoughts and actions.

When we are responsible, others will trust in us. We are willing to prove ourselves dependable and we stand firm in what we know is right. We know that if we do not follow through on what we have promised, others will be disappointed, and we could lose our credibility. Standing behind our word is more important than personal gain, popularity, and sometimes friendships. Responsibility will motivate us to use our talents and skills to achieve a better life.

  • What motivates you to be responsible?
  • What actions are necessary to be responsible?
  • Write down a time when you demonstrated
    responsibility. Describe the situation and how you
    felt afterward.

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