Anti-Virus Character Values Workbook

A nine-week unit designed to inform, inspire and ignite middle school students to live a life full of ethical values.

The curriculum identifies the power of the virus (corruption) and its influence on our homes, our society and us. Anti-Virus then lays out seven main character-based values for youth to learn and put into daily practice. The entire workbook helps train youth to stand against destructive cultural behaviors that impact everyone.

Anti-Virus targets schools, outreach groups, youth camps, juvenile corrections, probation, athletic groups, etc. who want to bring in character education.

Mentor’s Guide

Anti-Virus comes equipped with an easy-to-read guide on how to facilitate the program in a classroom. Ideas on how to do ice breakers and items you need for each lesson are included in the booklet. Anti-Virus offers mentor’s trainings several times a year.

Anti-Virus: Defenders Workbook or iPad App

A curriculum that incorporates character values into a fantasy adventure story for the 4th grade. The workbook includes colorful artwork and learning activities.

Family Edition

We encourage all parents to go through the values with their child at home by using the Anti-Virus Family Edition. The Family Edition also comes with a smaller booklet showing you how to hold your first family session.

Music on iTunes or CD

We have high-quality pop songs for each value. This music is a fun audio teaching tool when paired with the character values workbook..

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