Common Sense

Think before you act.

Common sense is sound logic with practical and good reasoning. It is searching for simple but very useful ways of making decisions to solve problems. We are all born with the ability to think, create, and be problem-solvers. Common sense lives by the rule of thinking before you act. It helps us to see what can become of something like George Washington Carver did, who could see practical resources that could benefit many people in the world.

Common sense is not solely about using our mind to think of cool or witty inventions to make lots of money. It is about how to make wise decisions thai affect our lives. When we lack common sense, we make decisions based on emotions rather than logic.

  1. What is the difference between common sense
    and knowledge?
  2. Share a situation in which you have used common sense.
    What were the results?
  3. How can you develop more common sense?

For more on this principle you can download it here.