About Us

Anti-Virus Character Values is a character-based product that focuses on youth organizations, schools, and families.

The goal of Anti-Virus is to combat corruption by living with character. Corruption and bad behavior are the “viruses” of society, which influence people to lie, cheat, bully, become addicted to harmful substances, and reject responsibility. The Anti-Virus responds to these viruses by encouraging young people to become active agents of character who make daily decisions to help others and live principled lives. Anti-Virus seeks to foster the potential of all children to make a positive difference in their lives and the lives of others.

The Anti-Virus curriculum focuses on seven main character traits:

• Ambition
• Responsibility
• Hard Work
• Emotions
• Restraint
• Common Sense
• Generosity

To purchase the Anti-Virus Character Values curriculum or learn more about us, contact Anti-Virus at 330-763-2134.